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Optocoupler, photodarlington output, high gain, with base. High performance low power advanced digital tv silicon tuner general description in heritage from rafael micros stateoftheart architecture, the r820t digital silicon tuner achieves the lowest power consumption and the smallest font factor. Read this instruction manual thoroughly before operating the glr in order to understand the device features, and keep this instruction manual readily available for reference. Emkarate rl 32h is an iso vg 32 synthetic polyol ester poe lubricant formulated specifically for use in refrigeration and airconditioning compressors using hfc refrigerants. Response time ossd specifications glrf specifications units. Light resistance at iolux at 250c dark resistance at 0 lux gamma value at 10010lux power dissipationat 250 max voltage at 250 spectral response peak at 250c. Silicon rectifier voltage range 50 to volts current 2. Vishay, disclaim any and all liability fo r any errors, inaccuracies or incompleteness contained in any datasheet or in any o ther disclosure relating to any product. In testing, the high peak currents associated with capacitive loads necessitate careful grounding techniques. Material safety data sheet emkarate rl 32h pdf version of msds i product identification company name. Keyences gl r series safety light curtains feature a strong, simple, and smart design.

Reverse current protection, shortcircuit protection for each output, surge protection for each output. Gl100wl addon modules refer to the gl100 accessories datasheet for details gs modules support a level alarm function that is detected by the gl100wl and communicated to a wirelessequipped gl240. Typical interconnections of a gl100wl addon consisting. Inl837gn datasheet, inl837gn datasheet, inl837gn pdf, inl837gn pinout, data, circuit, ic, inl837gn manual, substitute, parts, schematic, equivalent. The hl700 features a digital readout of elevation that shows exactly how far you are from ongrade allowing quick elevation checks without moving the rod clamp.

This product provides effective wear protection for steel and aluminium. This instruction manual describes handling, operation, and precautionary information for the glr series safety light curtain glr. The 24lc32 features an input cache for fast write loads with a capacity of eight 8byte pages, or 64 bytes. Gl412 and gl422 spectra precision laser gl412 and gl422. A gate protect diode is builtin to prevent static damage. Cds photoconductive cells gl5528 epoxy encapsulated quick response small size high sensitivity reliable performance good characteristic of spectrum light resistance at 10lux at 25. Because highspeed switching is possible, the ic can be efficiently set thereby saving energy.

The 24lc32 is capable of both random and sequential reads up to the 32k boundary. The xp161a1265prg is an nchannel power mosfet with low onsta te resistance and ultra highspeed switching characteristics. Gl850g datasheet, gl850g pdf, gl850g data sheet, gl850g manual, gl850g pdf, gl850g, datenblatt, electronics gl850g, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, datasheets, data. R820t high performance low power advanced digital tv. The small sot89 package makes high density mounting possible. Gl494 4 output section parameter test conditions min typ1 max unit collector off state current v ce 40 v,v cc 40 v 2 100 ma emitter off state current v cc v c 40 v,v e 0 100 ma collector emitter common emitter v e 0,ic 200 ma 1.

Vishay makes no warranty, representation or guarantee regarding the suitability of the products for any particular purpose or the continuing production of any product. Only intended to be used with cartridges using an hp original chip. The strength of the gl r comes from its robust, yet slim, design, ip65ip67 enclosure ratings, and recessed face. Pnp or npn is determined by the cable type pnp or npn is determined by the cable type led lamp load current. The gl34mtp is diode gen 1kv 500ma mini melf, that includes digireelr packaging, they are designed to operate with a do2ac, minimelf, sod80 package case, mounting type is shown on datasheet note for use in a surface mount, that offers supplier device package features such as mini melf, speed is designed to work in standard recovery 500ns, 200ma io, as. Material safety data pdf version of msds sheet emkarate rl 32h. Lm35 datasheet, lm35 pdf, lm35 data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf home all manufacturers by category part name, description or manufacturer contain. Fully operational with expanded resources click for the latest on how keyence is continuing to support our customers with quick delivery, offsite testing, virtual demos and more. Glr32h, main unit, handprotection type, 32 optical axes in glr series by keyence america. Locomotive number 101 112 manufacture year 2003 197073 442 class chassis operating load category l4 live weight 2. Gl r32h, main unit, handprotection type, 32 optical axes in glr series by keyence america. R820t offers unmatchable rf performance for all digital broadcast. Gl5539 datasheet, gl5539 pdf, gl5539 data sheet, gl5539 manual, gl5539 pdf, gl5539, datenblatt, electronics gl5539, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, datasheets, data. Pin name pin description 1 rext bias current external resistor 2, 5, 10 gnd ground 3, 6, 11 vcc supply voltage 4 vin video input 7 hsout horizontal sync output.

Emkarate rl 32h typical properties data sheet product description. Gl3521 genesys integrated circuits ics jotrin electronics. It also features a fixed 4kbit block of ultrahigh endurance memory for data that changes frequently. Dimensions of models in gl r series by keyence america. Advanced analog circuits data sheet march 2003 7 rev. Timing and bypass capacitors should be connected close to pin 5 in a single point ground. Ili9225g asi tft lcd single chip driver 176rgbx220 resolution and 262k color specification preliminary version. Main unit, handprotection type, 32 optical axes glr32h. The large 127 mm 5 inch reception height speeds up beam pickup in grade match and alignment applications. Cartridges using a nonhp chip may not work, and those that work today may not work in.

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